Getting A Life declared open!!!

On 20 May 2013, the Getting A Life Intentional Community was opened by Her Excellency The Honourable Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia. The event was hosted by ACT Chief MInister Ms Katy Gallagher MLA, a long-term champion of the project. Please click here to read more about the opening, or watch the video below!


Having a home of your own is an integral part of getting a life of your own. Jackson West, Dan Connaughton and Ben Pattrick are three young men who will be moving into homes of their own before the end of 2012. They will be moving into the Getting a Life Intentional Community in Phillip ACT.

The Getting a Life Intentional Community is a 25-residence housing and community building project that is structured around the lives of Daniel, Ben and Jackson. Three houses are set aside, one for each of Daniel, Ben and Jackson. The remaining 22 units will be allocated to existing Housing ACT tenants who apply through Gateway Services at Housing ACT.

Getting a Life was established in 2005 by the mothers of Jackson – Sally Richards, Ben – Cheryl Pattrick and Daniel – Karen Connaughton. This family governed group has been committed to building individual lives of contribution and relationships for these young men. They have good lives now and bright futures of unlimited possibility, involvement and independence. They are three young men who have plans, goals and hobbies. Between them they dance, paint, surf, camp, volunteer, swim, water ski, bushwalk, work  in hospitality and in an office, work at a hospital, work as a courier and have family and friends who love and respect them. They also happen to each have a disability.

The intentional community will be neighbourly, friendly, warm and inviting where people care about, greet and help one another.

It is most important to us that our three sons live in a diverse community where people intentionally seek out ways to be good neighbours to one another. This is a shared responsibility, in which our sons will take an equal part.

We hope that residents will contribute to the ongoing needs and social life of the community.  However intentional community means something more.  We will be asking people to take the time and the thoughtfulness to become good neighbours to one another, to get to know one another and to think of ways of extending welcome to all members of the community.  They will be invited to include all members in every aspect of community life and to recognise and appreciate the gifts of all members, so that all may be contributors, participants and valued members of the community


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