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Jackson WestThe following has been written by Jackson’s mother, Sally, as Jackson is profoundly intellectually disabled. He is a young man who requires one-on-one support and supervision 24 hours a day. He is dependent on others for his every need. Sally has written this on behalf of Jackson as he (obviously) has no capacity to write himself. However, Sally believes it is a true reflection of his personality, likes and dislikes.

Hi. My name is Jackson and I turned 29 on the 1st January 2015. I used to be an energetic young man who never sat still but after being in hospital for 3 months in 2011  I have slowed down a lot.

I have my own courier business called JACKmail and I work in this business every week-day morning. I love my job and I am pretty good at it. Of course I need support and my driver, the wonderful Philippe, helps me make my deliveries. We are a great team and haven’t missed one delivery in over 7 years. Now that’s what I call service!

Jackson and his mum Sally out canoeing

I have three brothers but they have all left home now and my Mum is no spring chicken anymore. She is more like an autumn duck! Luckily I moved into my own home before she became a winter turkey.

My dad Mac died in 2009 and so Mum and I were alone for four years before I moved out in May 2013.

I was ready to move out and my mum was certainly ready for me to fly the coop. My house at Benambra Intentional Community has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the bedrooms is where my co-resident, Adam, lives and the other is for paid support staff or Mum when she comes and sleeps over and makes sure I am safe – only if I invite her naturally.

At the gym!The house has a garage for my JACKmail van. And also a small courtyard garden.

Since I moved in in May 2013 I have settled into my new home. My neighbours are wonderful and friendly people and we do a lot of community things together which I love. Mum organises music gigs in my home and sometimes outside in ‘The Parthenon’ or on the green. I really enjoy having live music in my home and it is a great way to bring the community together.


If you would like to come and play for the community contact my mum through the contact form on this website.

My co-resident Adam and I have got used to the weekly routine and most of the time things go smoothly. He is like a big brother to me and we have fun together. Sometimes we go to the coast for the week-end. Adam organises a lot of barbeques at our place.

I see mum a lot and she comes for dinner or we go back to my old home for dinner or a visit.

Jackson and his dad Mac having a beerThank-you for reading about me. You can find out more about me and JACKmail at my own site, jacksonwest.org.

Jack working hard!

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