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Daniel Connaughton

Hi, my name is Daniel Connaughton.

I live in Benambra and love it.

I currently work 2 days a week at the National Convention Centre in Canberra. It is a fantastic place to work which provides me with both varied and interesting tasks.  I also volunteer at Communities @ Work in Tuggeranong and love to be able to help people. On Fridays I attend a course at CIT where I work on my literacy and numeracy skills. I am looking for more employment and would be very interested in talking to anyone who may need a staff member with skills in hospitality, office skills or horticulture.

Now that I live in Woden I am able to walk to CIT for study and to walk to the interchange to catch a bus to work. Woden Plaza is nearby and I enjoy the shops and the movies. I am also a member of the local gym and enjoy going there to work-out.

On Saturdays I go bowling and dancing with a group of other young people who love to do the same things I do.

Since moving into my new home life has become much more interesting. I like to be able to have more control of my life. I have a lovely home, my own computer, a television and an air hockey table for playing with friends and visitors.

My family still call in about every day but they often don’t stay long. I have a small number of friends which call in from time to time.

It is great having such excellent neighbours and I enjoy saying ‘hi’, helping out where I can and getting to attend community events where we listen to live music, eat food, play cards and chat. Once a week I have a meal with either Jackson or Ben and I really enjoy visiting their houses.

Daniel's graduation

In summer I have a vegetable garden and in winter I grow herbs. The community also have a lovely garden which I like to help keep clean and weeded.

Living amongst friends makes me feel safe and supported.

Daniel chopping wood

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