About Ben

My name is Ben Pattrick and I am a young man who loves being involved in all aspects of life, as do most young people my age.

I have cerebral palsy and use an electric wheelchair for my mobility and independence. I do require support to participate in most activities and sometimes this creates challenges for my family but they usually come up with ideas and ways to support me to do the things I want to do.

Ben on the beachI have two younger brothers and we do fun stuff together like going fishing with dad and our mates at Eden. I also enjoy going camping with my family and friends.

I attend Boccia training with the ACT Boccia team once a week and I am a member of the Tuggeranong ten pin bowling league. I enjoy swimming once a week at the Belconnen pool this gives me the opportunity to get out of my wheel chair and move freely in the water.

I have been employed at The Canberra Hospital since June 2011 as a mail courier. I work 15 hours a week on a permanent – part time basis. The opportunity for me to have a job has changed my life in all the best possible ways. “A dream come true”.

Ben at a partyIn May 2013 I moved into my own home as part of Benambra Intentional Community in Phillip. I live with my co-resident TJ who provides the support I need to live independently. This is a great place to live and it is close to where I work and the shops.  I love being king of my own castle but I still have lots of weekends and holidays with my family.


Ben and Rob

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