Sally’s article for the Belconnen Community Service newsletter

Here is an article Sally wrote for the Belconnen Community Service newsletter.

Benambra Intentional Community: seeking intentional community members

Benambra Intentional Community, a Housing ACT development, has just celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 14th June 2015. We celebrated with music, food, good company and being together.

Benambra is a residential community like no other. It is a vital, positive community of involvement, contribution, friendship, social events, music events, support and fun.

Benambra comprises 25 dwellings, including the homes of three young men living with disability. Of the remaining 22 dwellings, 7 form an intentional community. These tenants, along with the three young men, form a connected and supportive environment by actively engaging with others living at Benambra.

At present we have a mix of families and individuals who are part of the community. Some of the other families in Benambra who are not a formal part of the community contribute to the community and participate in community events.

Benambra-PartySome examples of how the community works and plays together:

  • Clean up Australia Day brought many community members together to clean up around the outskirts of Benambra
  • Everyone enjoyed a community dinner at a local club
  • Some members assisted a family clean up their back garden
  • Everyone attended a barbeque to welcome our new community builder
  • We celebrate birthdays and significant events with community parties
  • We share our herbs, eggs and vegetables
  • We have a community vegetable garden
  • We hold music events
  • We had a whole-of-community week-end at the beach

We are actively seeking people who are eligible for public housing through Housing ACT to be prospective members once vacancies arise.

If you are a person or family who would like to live in a vibrant community and you have the capacity to contribute practically, physically, socially and emotionally then please contact us. The houses are 2-bedroom and 2 storey.


To register your interest as a prospective member of this community or for further information, please email or visit the Benambra website.

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