Music afternoon with the Kirrah Amosa Trio

Thank-you to the Kirrah Amosa Trio who played the most fabulous music at Benambra yesterday. We gathered in Dan and Sean’s house because of the inclement weather but many of us sat outside as the rain had gone. Our newest little baby, Allie, came to the music with her mum and dad, Loraine and Geoffrey. Jackson had a blast.

The Kirrah Armos Trio is an exciting new band playing experimental groove music and reinventing popular songs. The Trio will bring some fresh and funky music to Benambra. The Trio consists of Kirrah Armos on vocals, Chris Van Der Wielen on guitar and Sean Connaughton on the drums.

Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-1 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-2 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-3 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-4 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-5 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-6 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-7 Benambra-Kirrah-Amosa-Trio-6-April-2014-8

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