Progress 1 November 2012

On the 1st November this is what Jackson’s, Daniel’s and Ben’s houses look like. Click on each photo below to zoom in.

Ben’s house is the single storey one with the roof already on. Jackson’s and Dan’s are the 2 storey ones. The roof frames are half on. We are still expecting lock-up by the end of November and completion by the end of February.

GAL progress November 2012 GAL progress November 2012 GAL progress November 2012

GAL progress November 2012 

Everything else is on track. The panel to select the other tenants in the IC (Intentional Community) met on Monday 29th.

We plan to work closely with Woden Community Services to build a strong relationship as they are really on our front doorstep. We continue to build our excellent relationship with Hartley Lifecare and will present to the Board at the Hartley AGM on 28th November.

The GAL families are working on various other things with Hartley Lifecare and Housing ACT; everything from occupancy agreements to rent to Working With Vulnerable People checks to building community.

There is still much to be done. The advertisement for Jackson’s co-resident went in the Canberra Times and on last Saturday. Daniel is planning on a homeshare arrangement under the auspices of Community Connections. All of this is very exciting and uncharted territory.

More news as the development progresses.


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