Construction stopped due to St Hilliers voluntary administration

St Hilliers, the construction company building the Getting A Life intentional community, went into voluntary administration on Wednesday 16th March 2012 and all work on the site stopped immediately. We cannot find out anything from Housing ACT or anyone else as to what is happening. There is no small irony in the words CONFIDENCE/TRUST/VISION next to the St Hilliers sign and logo.

The photo below shows the great progress that was being made with 18 units ready for slab pouring to be quickly followed by wall raising. The anticipated finish date of before the end of 2012 has been pushed out to a date yet to be determined. Apparently St Hilliers want to continue with the project but either the ACT Government or Housing ACT or both of them have not yet made up their minds. Meanwhile we the families and our sons, Jackson, Dan and Ben, wait…

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